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COntemporary art Modeling Peripheries for LIvable CITIES

Project Summary

The main goal of the project COMPLICITIES is to create a joint transferable model for the regeneration of suburbs, based on the collaboration between Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs), local communities and public institutions. The creative excellence of CCIs will be applied for the collaborative development of innovative solutions for urban regeneration. The participatory model, involving private/public stakeholders, will lead to the adoption of a Common Strategy, which will foster the attractiveness of the Programme area, building a new tourist offer based on the uncommon cultural heritage represented by suburbs.



Total budget 637.544,67 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 2018 / 2020

Main Outputs

-    New common strategy for creative regeneration of suburbs
-    Community guidelines for the benefit of Culture and Creative Industries 
-    Pilot urban peripheral areas regenerated as cross border creativity hubs

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Javno preduzeće "Kulturni centar“ Bar (ME) - Contacts: Stefan Racocevic - racocevic.stefan[at]
Project Partners
  1. Comune di Lecce (IT)
  2. Consulting and Development Partners (AL)